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@PhillyCycling 18 Apr
Reg for Velothon Philadelphia -- new, longer amateur ride (closed pro course, park climbs, city loop) before pro race

@PhillyCycling 12 Apr
Velothon Phila. starts at 6:45 am.

@PhillyCycling 12 Apr
Great day in Philly for a ride! Who is riding today?

Race Info

Road Closures


Main Street from Green Lane to Ridge Avenue
Lyceum Avenue from Levering Street to Mitchell Street
Pechin Street from Green Lane to Roxborough Avenue
Roxborough Avenue from Pechin Street to Manayunk Avenue
Manayunk Avenue from Roxborough Avenue to Ridge Avenue
Ridge Avenue from Manayunk Avenue to Kelly Drive
Cresson Street from Levering Street to Rector Street


100 Shurs Lane
100 Jamestown Street
100 Pensdale Street
01-100 Rector Street
100 Roxborough Avenue
01-100 Cotton Street
100 Grape Street
100 Levering Street
100 Gay Street
100 Connaroe Street
100 Carson Street
300 Burnside Street
Lyceum Avenue from Mitchell Street to Ridge Avenue
Rector Street from Terrace Street to Pechin Street
Pensdale Street from Terrace Street to Lauriston Street
Kingsley Street from Manayunk Avenue to Lauriston Street
Salaignac Street from Manyunk Avenue to Lauriston Street
Terrace Street from Dawson Street to Ridge Avenue
Manayunk Avenue from Ridge Avenue to Osborn Street
Vassar Street from Ridge Avenue to Cresson Street
Mitchell Street from Connaroe Street to Martin Street
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